How to Set up Automated Emails for Ticket Rating


This guide explains the process of setting up automated emails for ticket rating using the ProProfs Help Desk. By implementing this feature, you can gather valuable customer feedback, evaluate the quality of customer service, and analyze the proficiency of your agents. Automated emails are triggered and sent to customers once their tickets are closed.


Here's how the ticket rating email would appear in the user's inbox:


This is how the ticket rating email would appear in the user's inbox.


Benefits of setting up automated emails for support ticket rating:


  • Obtaining Valuable Customer Feedback: By sending automated emails for ticket ratings, you can gather insights and opinions directly from your customers. Their feedback can help you identify areas of improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Evaluating the Quality of Customer Service: The rating system allows customers to express their satisfaction levels based on their support experience. By collecting these ratings, you can evaluate the effectiveness and quality of your customer service operations.
  • Analyzing Agent Proficiency: The feedback received through ticket ratings can provide valuable insights into the performance of your support agents. You can identify highly skilled agents and recognize areas where additional training or improvement is required.


Follow these steps to set up a ticket rating email:


Step 1: Navigate to SettingsTickets Rating (1) on the left panel. Enter the time period (2) after which the survey will be sent, and select the inbox (3) for the ticket rating. Customize the email template (4) that will be sent to the customer.


Customize your tickets rating email


Step 2: After setting up the ticket rating email, you only need to activate the status (5). Once done, click Save.


Switch on the status to complete the tickets rating email setup


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 


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