How to Add a Company & Its Associated Contacts


In ProProfs Help Desk, you can segment your incoming tickets based on companies. Also, you can add new contacts if they belong to a company. Thus, making it easier to organize your tickets.


Benefits of adding new companies and associating contacts with them:


  • Organize tickets belonging to the same company and contact at one place

  • Streamline the ticket resolution process

  • Reduce spam tickets


Here’s a preview of a company & its associated contacts added to the ProProfs Help Desk:


Company & Contacts Preview


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Add a Company

2. How to Add a Contact


 How to Add a Company


Step 1: Go to Contacts on your ProProfs Help Desk dashboard.


Click New Contact


Step 2: Click New Company.


Click New Company


Step 3: Follow the screenshot instructions.


Add the details


1. Add Logo: Upload the company logo for easy identification.

2. Company Name: Enter the company’s name

3. Description: Describe the company.

4. Notes: Add any recent info regarding the company in this section.

5. Company Domain: Provide the company’s domain.


Click Save to complete the addition.


Step 4: After adding the company, you can click on the three dots or the kebab menu icon to Edit or change the company’s status.


Edit the Company


 How to Add Contacts to a Company


Step 1: On your ProProfs Help Desk Dashboard, go to Contacts.


Step 2: Click Contacts on the left panel on the new screen.


Go to Contacts


Step 3: Click New Contact.


Click New Contact


Step 4: Fill in the contact details, select the company you want to associate with, and click Save.


Add a new Contact to a Company


You have successfully added the new contact. The contact will access the Help Desk portal to create new tickets for the company.


That is all about Company & Contacts in the ProProfs Help Desk.



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