How to Add Attachments and Notes to a Ticket Response


This guide explains how to add attachments and internal notes to a ticket response using ProProfs Help Desk. By following these steps, you will be able to include files such as Word documents, Excel sheets, and images in your ticket responses. Additionally, you can add internal notes to provide instructions or reminders to your agents working on specific tickets.


It is relevant to industries that utilize ticketing systems to manage customer support or internal issue tracking. Adding attachments and notes to ticket responses enhances communication and facilitates the resolution of customer issues or internal tasks.

Here's what an email response to a customer will look like with an attachment:


Preview of an email response with an attachment


Benefits of adding attachments and notes to a ticket response:


  • Improved Documentation: Attachments allow you to provide relevant files, supporting documentation, or screenshots to clarify the ticket details.
  • Efficient Communication: Internal notes enable you to provide guidance, reminders, or instructions to the agents working on the ticket, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Streamlined Issue Resolution: By combining attachments and notes, you can provide comprehensive information to your agents, facilitating quicker and more accurate issue resolution.


To add an attachment to your ticket response, follow these steps:


  • Open the desired ticket.
  • Click "Add Attachment," available in the header of the reply box.
  • Choose the file you wish to attach from your hard drive.


Please note that the maximum file size you can send at once is 20 MB.


Open the desired ticket and click the "Add Attachment" button


To add an internal note to a ticket, follow these steps:


  • Open the ticket.
  • Click "Add Note."
  • Enter the desired text in the provided field.
  • Click "Save as Note" to add the internal note to the ticket.


Add an internal note on a ticket


If you want to delete an attached file, locate the attached file at the bottom of the ticket and click on the delete icon.


Delete attachments


By following these instructions, you can effectively add attachments and internal notes to your ticket responses using ProProfs Help Desk.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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