How to Navigate the Support Agent Interface


ProProfs Help Desk offers a clean and tidy interface, enabling support agents to access, prioritize, and resolve tickets faster. The help desk comes armed with various tools to perform a wide range of customer support activities, such as creating tickets, sorting them in a specific order, etc.


With an intuitive support agent interface, you can:


  • Prioritize critical tickets

  • Sort tickets in a few different ways

  • Analyze data collected from tickets & build your knowledge base


Let us take you through the support agent interface in detail:




Upon logging into your ProProfs Help Desk account, you will land on the dashboard. Here’s a quick view of it:


Help Desk Support Interface


1. On the left panel, there is a dropdown menu. You can choose to look at all tickets or just the tickets assigned to you.


In addition, there are Child Tickets and the names of all the inboxes. The More section has ‘Bookmarks’ to let you view bookmarked tickets, and the ‘Vault’ is where all your deleted tickets get stored.

The dashboard also lets you manage tickets in bulk based on your requirements.


Shuffling between ticket types


In the ticket inbox, you can view the following tickets:


  • New: These are new and unassigned tickets.

  • Open: These are tickets that the agents are working on

  • Pending: Tickets that are awaiting customer reply.

  • Hold: Tickets that have been assigned to agents/teams and are awaiting an internal reply.

  • Sent: Tickets to which you have responded appear here.

  • Overdue: Tickets that are past their configured maximum due time.


2. The search bar lets you perform a search as specific as you want.




3. You can go online/offline using this option.

4. You can download tickets in an excel sheet format with a single click.

5. You can sort your tickets in chronological order, i.e., Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.

6. You can create a new ticket using this option.


Creating a new ticket




Agents who are not administrators can access their reports. As a result, they can gauge their performance and work on their weak areas. The image below depicts the summary report for the agent.


Along with the summary, report agents can access all of their other reports under the same section.






The below image depicts the ticket interface which agents use to reply to the customer with ease. Enter the response text in the field provided and hit send.


Checking a ticket


Agents can send responses as Send as Resolved, Send as Pending, or Send as Hold. You can also attach a file with your answer.


Sending the response



Also, you can edit properties on the right panel. You can assign tickets to support staff, change ticket status, add a label, set a priority, and add a due date.


Below the properties icon, there is an option to edit custom fields, add a task, access the knowledge base, and create a Salesforce case.


Note: The options to add a task and access the knowledge base will appear upon integrating ProProfs Help Desk with ProProfs Project and ProProfs Knowledge Base accounts. Similarly, to create a Salesforce case, you must integrate Salesforce CRM with ProProfs Help Desk.






Agents can access and edit their Profiles in the My Account section. Manage actions like updating passwords, names, and profile pictures.


That is all about the ProProfs Help Desk interface for the support agents.



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