What are the Types of User Roles in the ProProfs Help Desk?



In the ProProfs Help Desk, you can assign users different roles to provide selective access based on tasks the user has to perform.


This lets you keep the safety and security of confidential customer information in check by assigning only the required access level to a user.


Here’s how you can add a new user role or manage user roles:


Go to Settings > Users



ProProfs Help Desk user roles enable you to:


1. Assess user performance based on tasks assigned

2. Streamline the workflow


Here's the permissions chart for each role:


Permissions Admin Manager Staff Watcher

View Tickets

Check Check Check Check
Access Reports Check      
Access Settings Check      
Bulk Action on Tickets Check Check    
Add/remove users Check      
Reply on tickets Check   Check  


Below is detailed information about the four types of user roles in the ProProfs Help Desk system:




When you create a new ProProfs Help Desk account, you are automatically assigned the role of an Admin and have all top permissions. Admins can:

  • Manage help desk account

  • Add/remove users & modify roles

  • Edit global settings

  • Create & edit teams

  • Access reports & analyze data for every team




In this role, a user can take bulk actions on tickets. However, this role doesn’t give access to reports & settings.


  • Managers can manage inboxes as they wish. They can simultaneously put labels and use filters & custom fields on multiple tickets. This feature sets them apart from agents.

  • They can monitor their team reports & use them to analyze their team & agent performance.

  • They can assign their agents tickets.




A user in the role of staff is entitled to analyze & resolve tickets and also mark the irrelevant ones as spam. The staff has limited access to the helpdesk.


  • They can assign tickets to their team members, set labels for individual tickets, and see their own performance reports.

  • Staff members can view only the inboxes they are granted access to.




The role of the watcher is limited to browsing and checking tickets. They can not perform any actions.

  • They can track the progress of a ticket and receive status updates in the form of email notifications.
  • The watcher role best comes into play when your support team handles a high-priority ticket or a new hire is working on a ticket.

That is all about user roles in the ProProfs Help Desk system.



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