How to Manage or Categorize Tickets in Bulk


You can categorize multiple tickets based on their severity, stage, and nature with the help of predefined sections right within your inbox, allowing you and your agents to handle more important tickets first. You can also move multiple tickets between inboxes so that the right agent can work on them instantly. Tickets can be categorized according to ‘Priority,’ ‘Labels,’ ‘Status,’ and ‘Inboxes.’


Benefits of managing tickets in bulk:

  • Manage multiple tickets quickly
  • Move tickets between inboxes instantly
  • Enable your agents to prioritize important tickets
  • Reduce ticket resolution time
  • Deliver delightful support to your customers


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to assign or change ticket priority

2. How to add or remove labels from tickets

3. How to change the status of tickets

4. How to move tickets to another inbox


To assign priority, labels, status, and inbox to tickets:


Your Help Desk inbox displays all the categories at the top. As highlighted in the screenshot below, these categories become active when you select one or more tickets. You can then assign different categories to the selected tickets.


Help Desk system inbox display


1. How to assign or change the ticket priority


Tickets can be of low, normal, or high priority, depending on the ticket's importance. "Normal" is the default priority. Select your priority from the "Priority" dropdown menu to assign or change a ticket's priority.


Note: A "High" priority ticket is indicated by a red flag, as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Ticket priority


2. How to add or remove labels from tickets


Note: Labels are like tags that you can use to differentiate tickets. You can have labels depending on the nature of the issue, what it’s about, and so on. For example, you can create labels such as ‘Billing’ and ‘Bug’ and assign them to a ticket about an error message related to billing. The labels appear along with the ticket preview, as shown in the screenshot below, for instant identification of the ticket’s nature without the need to open it.


Ticket labels


Select the tickets you want to apply the labels to and then select the required label(s) from the ‘Labels’ dropdown menu, and click ‘Apply.’


Apply ticket labels


Click "Create New" if you want to create a new label.


Create ticket label


Give a name to the label in the following popup and submit.


Name ticket label


To edit or delete labels, click ‘Manage.’


Manage ticket label


Access more label options to edit or delete the label you want. You can also create a new label by clicking "+New Label."


Edit or delete ticket label


3. How to change the status of tickets


Status indicates the stage of a ticket from open to close. A ticket can have one of the following statuses: New, Open, Closed, Pending, Hold, Sent, and Overdue. However, you can only ‘Close’ the tickets from the ‘Status’ dropdown.


Note: The ‘Status’ dropdown is unavailable in case you have ‘Custom Fields’ enabled.


Ticket status


4. How to move tickets to another inbox


Simply click the "Inboxes" dropdown menu and select the inbox where you want to move the selected tickets. It’s done!


Move tickets between inboxes




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