How to Create Email Signatures in Help Desk


A signature appears as a footer when you respond to a ticket. Along with your name that it usually contains, a signature can also have your designation, contact number, useful links to your website, or a web page, etc.


Admins and agents can both create signatures from their profiles. They can also create inbox-specific signatures if they use multiple inboxes.


Benefits of creating an email signature:

  • No need to manually add your signature in every reply
  • Share useful contact info like phone, company URL, etc.
  • Personalize responses to the tickets


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to create your signature
  2. How to create inbox-specific signatures


1. How to create your signature


Step 1. Click your profile icon and go to ‘My Account.’


Help Desk my account


Step 2. Under the ‘My Account’ tab, locate the ‘Signature’ field and add your details such as name, phone number, company URL, etc., depending on your requirement.


My Account tab


Alternatively, you can upload your signature image (JPEG or PNG) by enabling the ‘Insert Image’ option and mentioning the image URL. Click Save when you’re done.


Insert signature image URL


2. How to create inbox-specific signatures


Step 1. Switch to the ‘Signatures’ tab under My Accounts and click the ‘+New Signature’ button.


Signatures tab in help desk


Step 2. Select the inbox for which you want to create a signature. Then, add details in the ‘Signature’ box, such as name, phone number, company URL, etc. Click Save when you’re done.


Create signature


Or, you can enable the ‘Insert Image’ option and upload the signature image directly by mentioning its URL. This option is useful if you have the company logo in your signature. Then, click Save.


Insert signature image URL


Here’s an example of a signature created for the inbox ‘James.’ Similarly, you can create more signatures for different inboxes. Also, you can access signature options to edit or delete it.


Edit or delete a signature


As an admin, you can create signatures for individual agents as well. You can do that at the time of creating or editing an agent profile.


Create signature for a new agent




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