How to Integrate ProProfs Project with ProProfs Help Desk


Handling and conveying customer feedback to other stakeholders, such as technology, marketing, product, and sales teams, become clunky when you grow your business but still keep using email as your primary project management tool.


ProProfs offers everything in one place, including customer support, project management, CRM, ticket/agent ratings, customer feedback management, and training & development.


Pairing ProProfs Project & Help Desk enables you to scale up your support operations and it’s key to building a customer-first, sustainable business.


Enabling Project within Help Desk equips your support team to seek help from other departments. They can convert a customer ticket into a task without needing to leave the help desk.


For example, a ticket for a special feature request would demand the technology team’s help. The support agent can simply turn this ticket into a task, and add it under the right project with a click. Agents would see real-time task status and comments from other teams within the help desk.


Benefits of integrating Project with Help Desk:

  • This duo equips your support team to get customer issues resolved faster
  • They can create a task and add it to a project without leaving the ProProfs Help Desk
  • Effectively communicate customer issues with technology & other teams
  • Add task, select and track progress in real-time in one place
  • Minimize any lapse in communication between devs & customer support


For this integration, you require the API key and the domain name of your Project account.


In this article, you’ll learn:

1. How to get the API key and the domain name

2. How to integrate Project with Help Desk


1. How to get the API key and domain name


Step 1. Click on your ProProfs Project profile icon and go to ‘My Account.’ Scroll down to the bottom to find the API key. Copy the key on a notepad as you’ll need it later.


Project API key


Step 2. Now, go to ‘Change Company’ to find the domain name. Copy the domain name on a notepad.


Project domain name


2. How to integrate Project with Help Desk


Step 1. Go to your Help Desk account settings >> Integrations and click ‘Project Management.’


Project Management


Step 2. Enable ‘Project Management’ to reveal the fields ‘Domain’ and ‘Key.’ Now, fill in the domain name and the API key in their respective fields. Then, click Save to complete the integration process.


Project domain and API key


To see how the integration works, open a ticket and notice there’s now a project integration button on the far right. Clicking it allows you to create a task for this particular ticket and add it to the required project.


Project and Help Desk Integration


That is all about integrating ProProfs Project with ProProfs Help Desk.



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