ProProfs Help Desk Dashboard Overview


The dashboard in ProProfs Help Desk is a centralized location where agents can view the data summary regarding their customer support activities. It provides a visual representation of different metrics using charts and graphs, making it easy to analyze the data, such as key performance areas of each agent.


An example of the ProProfs Help Desk dashboard overview.


Help Desk Dashboard Overview


The dashboard will help agents to:


  • Analyze activities & performance data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of key metrics


To check out the ProProfs Help Desk dashboard:


Log in to your Help Desk account and navigate to the Dashboard in the header menu.


Go to Dashboard


Here you will see the following data:


1. Ticket by Status: Check the number of tickets having different assigned statuses to analyze the backlog of tickets. View the data based on the time range. You can filter them by status (click on a status name to remove them).


2. Ticket by Inbox: View the tickets in different inboxes. Gauge the performance levels by checking data for up to 30 days.


3. Tickets by Priority: Analyze the number of tickets based on their priority and validate your performance depending on the tickets handled across the three categories.


4. Average Ticket Response Time: Measure the performance through the average for the first response and solved time. Compare the time taken against your benchmark/goals.


5. Overdue Tickets: Check the list of all tickets past their due dates for a given timeline and need urgent attention to meet customer service level agreements.


Information Cards on the Dashboard



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