How to Create and Manage Teams


In your ProProfs Help Desk account, you have the capability to create and manage teams. These teams consist of agents with different roles, including Staff, Managers, and Admins. By utilizing teams in the ProProfs Help Desk, you can easily organize your agents and enhance their effectiveness.


It's worth noting that an agent can belong to multiple teams.


For instance, let's consider a marketing firm that receives a customer request for a new marketing strategy for an upcoming product. To address this request efficiently, the firm must perform various tasks, such as market research, background checks, and legal verification.


By establishing dedicated teams and assigning specific tasks to each team, the marketing firm ensures swift and efficient handling of requests. Each team holds accountability for its own responsibilities.


Benefits of Creating Teams:

  • Enhanced Management: Grouping agents with similar roles in one team allows for more effective management.
  • Improved Performance: Teams contributed to better delivery performance and reduced response time.
  • Streamlined Ticket Assignment: Teams simplify the process of assigning child tickets and breaking down complex customer requests.


To create teams, follow these steps:


1. In your account, navigate to Settings.


Navigate to Settings


2. On the left panel, go to User Management > Teams.


Select Teams under User Management


3. Click the "+ New Team" button. An overlay will open.


Click the + New Team button.


4. Provide the team name, select the users to add, and click Save.


Add the new team

Managing Teams


The main page shows all your ProProfs Help Desk teams’ details, such as name, user count, and status. To edit a team or set it to inactive, click the three dots under the Action column.


Manage teams in your help desk account


Note: Once created, you cannot delete a team permanently. 


That's all about creating and managing teams. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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