How to Set up & Configure Your Help Desk Inbox


ProProfs Help Desk lets you use your existing email addresses for customers (such as support, sales, and products) and turn every incoming support request into a ticket. You can also create a new email address to answer your customers’ questions and comments. ProProfs Help Desk helps you keep all customer requests in one place so you can always respond to every ticket.

For example, ProProfs Training Maker is an online course creation software that uses ProProfs Help Desk to manage its customer support. It has a dedicated support inbox for, and several operators are working on that inbox. ProProfs Help Desk can easily track, assign, and resolve customer tickets related to course creation, enrollment, payment, and other issues. It can also monitor the performance of its operators and ensure that every customer request is handled promptly and professionally.


A sample ProProfs Help Desk view with inboxes on the left pane.

HD Inbox Preview


Before we proceed, you can watch this quick video guide to set up your ProProfs Help Desk account.


Have you skipped the video? No worries! Let's understand it step-by-step. 


Why are inboxes so useful?


  • Organize tickets: Keep all customer requests, feedback, and comments in a single dashboard and sort them by status, priority, or category.
  • Simplify support: Automate ticket assignment, use canned responses and integrate with other tools to save time and effort.
  • Measure performance: Track metrics such as response time, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction to evaluate your team skills and improve your service quality.


In this article,

1. Set up and configure your inbox

2. Whitelist your domain

3. Manage inbox


To set up and configure your inbox:


1. In your ProProfs Help Desk account, navigate to Settings. The Inboxes page under Channels will open by default. Click "+New Inbox."


Go to Inboxes in Settings


2. You have two ways to get tickets while creating a new inbox. You can either:


a) Connect external email


Use this method if you already have a dedicated email address for customers. It simplifies your process and gets every ticket in the inbox.


1. Email that I want to connect- Enter your existing customer-facing email address from which you want to import emails as tickets. 


It is recommended to whitelist your domain if you are using your own email.


2. Name in replies to recipients- Add a respondent's name to associate with replies to customer emails.


3. Assign your inbox to teams (optional)- Select single or multiple teams to which you want to assign any incoming email as tickets.


Once done, click "Create Inbox."


Connect your existing support email to ProProfs Help Desk


Note: If your email ID needs verification to activate forwarding, the verification email appears in the Tickets section of the Help Desk.


b) Create a new email


With this option, you can create an email address of your choice if the address is available. Use this method if you are creating an inbox for email addresses for customers for the first time.


1. Name in replies to recipients- Add a respondent's name to associate with replies to customer tickets. It should not be more than 30 characters.


2. Define the email address of your choice- Create a new email address. Use letters and numbers. No spaces or symbols. Maximum 20 characters.


3. Assign your inbox to teams (optional)- Select single or multiple teams to which you want to assign any incoming email as tickets.


Once done, click "Create Inbox."


Create new email to receive tickets


How to Whitelist Your Domain


To prevent your emails from being delivered to spam or other folders other than your primary inbox, you can whitelist and verify your domain. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC help authenticate email senders by verifying that the emails came from the domain that they claim to be from. 


1. Click Whitelist Your Domain for the unverified inbox domains. A slider window will open.


Click Whitelist your domain


2. Enter the domain name and click Add Domain. This will generate CNAMEs and their corresponding values. 


Enter the domain name to whitelist


3. Add these CNAMEs to your DNS. You can contact your server team to complete this step. 


4. After adding the CNAMEs, click Verify to confirm the whitelisting process.


You will see the confirmation message once the verification is complete.


Veridy your domain and complete whitelisting


It will resolve the email delivery issue, and you will start receiving emails in your inbox.
Please note that the feature is for our premium customers only.


Manage Inbox


1. On the Inboxes page, you can see details about each inbox. If you want to change something, look for the three vertical dots icon with three vertical dots in the Action column and click it.


Edit youyr inbox


2. Among other options, you have the option to turn your shared inboxes on (active) or off (inactive) in the edit page.


Change the status of your shared inboxes


Note: Once you've created an inbox, you cannot delete it; you can only change its status.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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