How to Integrate ProProfs HelpDesk with ClickUp


Integrate ProProfs HelpDesk with ClickUp to boost productivity. This guide provides easy steps to create an OAuth app, get an authorization code, and obtain an access token for seamless integration.


Use Case: Imagine you want to sync your ProProfs HelpDesk with ClickUp. This integration lets you automatically create tasks in ClickUp based on HelpDesk tickets.




  • Boost Efficiency: Automate task creation and data transfer between ProProfs HelpDesk and ClickUp.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Simplify project management and improve collaboration by connecting these powerful tools.


In this article, you will learn:


  1. Creating an OAuth App in ClickUp
  2. Retrieving Authorization Code
  3. Requesting an Access Token


How to Create an OAuth App in ClickUp


Before connecting to the ProProfs Helpdesk with Clickup, you must create an OAuth account in ClickUp. Here are the steps:


Step 1: Sign in to your ClickUp account. 


Step 2: Click on your User Profile icon (bottom-left) and select "My Settings" under your user name.


accessing user profile


Step 3: In the left sidebar, go to "ClickUp API" and click "+Create an App."


creating app in clickup


Step 4: Enter the App Name and Redirect URL, then click "Create App."


redirect url


You'll find the Client ID and Client Secret after successfully creating the OAuth app, as shown below:


client id and client secret


NOTE: To create an OAuth app, you must have Workspace Owner or admin privileges within ClickUp.


How to Retrieve an Authorization Code


Step 1: Replace the placeholders {client_id} and {redirect_uri} in this URL:{client_id}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri} with your actual Client ID and Redirect URL.


Here’s the sample URL: 


NOTE: Ensure that the "redirect_uri" matches the Redirect URL you specified during OAuth app creation.


Step 2: Visit the modified URL and Log in to your ClickUp account.


Step 3: Choose your Workspace and click "Connect Workspace."


connect workspace


NOTE: Users can select one or more Workspaces to authorize through the OAuth flow.


Step 4: Copy the authorization code from the URL.


authorization code


How to Request an Access Token


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs HelpDesk account.


Step 2:  Navigate to Settings. In the left sidebar, click "Integrations" and select "ClickUp."


accessing clickup integrations


Step 3: Fill in the required information: Name, Client ID, Client Secret Key, and Code. Click "Save" to add the ClickUp workspace to your integration list.


workspace details


Here’s how the ClickUp workspace is added to the list after successful integration:


workspace added


Once you've followed these steps, you've successfully created an OAuth app, established a secure connection with ClickUp, and gained access to user data, enhancing your application's functionality and integration with ClickUp's features.




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