How to Create Filters for Improved Ticket Organization


Filters are a great way to create an efficient dashboard for your agents. In essence, filters are predefined rules to separate your incoming tickets among various inboxes. With ProProfs Help Desk, you can create custom filters to divide tickets among inboxes and agents. You can also set priorities for said tickets.


For example, if you want to send a ticket regarding bugs to a specific inbox, here's how you would design your filter:


If you want to send a ticket regarding bugs to a specific inbox.


Benefits of Creating Filters:

  • Ensure that tickets are divided based on the subject
  • Improves the efficiency of your customer support, since filters ensure that qualified agents get the tickets
  • Optimizes the help desk and prevents confusion among agents


This article covers the following:


How to Create a Filter


Step 1: Go to Settings >> Filters.


Go to Filters under Help Desk settings


Step 2: Click the +New Filter button.


Click to add a new filter for tickets


Step 3: Customize your filter and click Save.


Filter Customization Window


The Filter Customization Window is given below.


Here's an overview of the filter customization window


Name: Enter the filter's name.


Description: Provide a brief explanation of the filter.


If: The "If" section is used to add the conditions that will be used to segregate the tickets.


The 'If' section is used to add the conditions that will be used to segregate the tickets.


The first dropdown has two options, All Any.


  • The filter will work only if all the defined conditions are satisfied if set to "All."
  • If the "Any" condition is applied, the filter separates the tickets even if one of the conditions is satisfied.


The second dropdown also has three options.

  • The To Email clause divides the tickets based on the receiver's email address.
  • The From Email clause divides the tickets based on the email address of the ticket sender.
  • The With Subject clause divides the tickets based on the subject of the received ticket. 


You can add another condition with the Add Condition icon.


Add multiple conditions to filter tickets


Next, you can enable the "Do you want to create a Ticket?" option, as shown in the above image, to customize the following settings.


Inbox: Select the inbox to which you want to send the ticket.


User: Once you select an inbox, associated users will be displayed in this drop-down menu. Select a user from the dropdown if you want the filtered tickets to be answered by a specific resource.


Priority: Set the ticket's priority based on which it will be resolved.


Label: Apply labels to the filtered tickets.


Delete matching ticket: Enable this option to automatically send the ticket to the vault if you do not wish to receive a ticket matching your preferences more than once.


Set status closed: Enable this option to mark a ticket as "Closed" when you receive a ticket matching specific requirements.


That is all about creating filters to organize tickets better.



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