How to Set up a Portal With Custom Domain for Customers


Create public portals for customers to register and take multiple actions associated with their queries. Customers can raise & track tickets, explore the knowledge base, and discuss in forums. ProProfs Help Desk lets you set up multiple portals with a custom domain.

Here’s what a help desk portal with a custom domain will look like. 


Portal with a Custom Domain


Creating portals with custom domains will let you:


  • Enable customers to keep track of tickets
  • Add transparency to the ticketing process and improve customer satisfaction


To create a portal with a custom domain:


Step 1: Go to help desk settings on the top-right.


Go to Settings


Step 2: Navigate to Portal on the left panel


Navigate to Portal on the left panel


Step 3: Click Create Portal to build a new portal for customers.


Click Create Portal


Step 4: On this screen, you can do the following:


1) Configure settings- You can modify the following:

  • Set status- Enable/disable the portal,

  • Add a portal name- Give a name to your portal for easy identification

  • Select inbox- Choose the agent from the dropdown list who will receive customer tickets from this portal,

  • Set a custom domain- Add a subdomain

  • Automatic invite- Activate/deactivate automatic portal invite to customers.


2) Manage notifications- Here, you can manage the following:

  • Notify to Customer on New Ticket Creation- Set up an email notification for customers when the support agent creates a new ticket for their query. You can use placeholders to modify the template.

  • Notify to Customer on User Response- Set up an email notification for customers whenever a user leaves a message on their query. Use placeholders to modify the email.


3) Add branding- Here, you can customize the look and feel of the help desk portal.

  • Login Form- Upload your brand logo, set its alignment, and give a title to your login screen.

  • Theme Settings- Set an image or solid color as the background.

  • Login Button- Modify the button’s color & text.


Set up your custom portal


Note: You can set up multiple portals, each having its custom domain.


You can turn on/off a portal from the Portal page or edit it. Click the portal name or the “>” arrow.


Portal List




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