How to Add Custom Ticket Status


In ProProfs Help Desk, you can assign custom status to a ticket depending upon the stage in its life cycle to promote a better organization.


Custom ticket statuses will help you:

  • Organize tickets better
  • Add additional stages to the support system
  • Drive better responses based on the requirements


Here’s what the custom status in the ProProfs Help Desk will look like:


Custom status in ProProfs Help Desk


Adding custom status is easy:


Step 1: Go to Settings on the dashboard.


Go to Settings >> Custom Fields>> Ticket Status


Step 2: Navigate to Custom Fields on the left panel.


Step 3: Go to Ticket Status.


Open Ticket Status under Custom Fields


Step 4: Click New Status to add a custom ticket status.


Click to add a New Status


Step 5: Type the status name in the text field in the "Create Custom Status" dialog box and click Save.


Enter status name and save


Step 6: Click on the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon under the Action column and select Mark as Active to activate the custom status.


Activate the status


You can click on Edit to update the custom status name.


NOTE: Similar to activating a custom status, when you deactivate a custom status, a confirmation pop-up will appear with a message that tickets under that custom status are marked as “Open.”


Approve the status change


That is all about adding a custom status for tickets in the ProProfs Help Desk.



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