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ProProfs Help Desk lets you offer your customers a support portal from which they can securely access all their tickets. The customer support portal provides transparency in viewing a ticket’s progress and reduces follow-up.

Below is a preview of the customer support portal.


Preview of Customer Support Portal


By enabling the customer support portal, you can:


  • Let customers track & manage all their tickets in one place

  • Provide an additional security layer to access tickets

  • Easily keep customers updated on the ticket resolution process

  • Streamline overall help desk experience


The article covers the following:


1. How to Enable Customer Support Portal

2. How to Create Tickets from the Customer Support Portal

3. How to Check Tickets’ Progress


 How to Enable Customer Support Portal


In ProProfs Help Desk, any contact you add to the help desk can sign in to the customer support portal.


To enable the setting:


Step 1: Log in to your Help Desk account as an administrator.


Step 2: Go to Settings > Portal at the bottom of the left panel.

Enable Portal


Step 3: Here, you will find a portal name with your company’s title; switch it ON. Now, click on the portal name to edit it.


Enable Portal and Customize it


Step 4.1: On this screen, you will find two tabs: Settings & Notifications.


Follow the screenshot instructions to modify portal settings:


Configure Settings


1. Status: Use this option to enable/disable the portal.

2. Inbox: Select the inbox whose agent will receive the incoming support tickets through the portal.

3. Portal Invite: Enable this option to send an email invitation automatically to a newly added contact in the help desk.


Don’t forget to save your changes.


Once you have enabled the portal invite, whenever you add a new contact, they will automatically receive an invite link, as shown below.


Invite Link Email


The contact can click on the link to set a password. Once done, it will redirect them to the login page.


Set Password and Login


The contact can enter the credentials to log into the portal. Below is what the dashboard of the customer support portal will look like:


Customer Service Portal Dashboard


Step 4.2: Under Notifications, you can configure two types of notifications.


1. Notify Customer on New Ticket Creation: You can update the status. Once it is ON, you can modify the subject and associated message to notify customers whenever the support team creates a new ticket for their query.


2. Notify Customer of User Response: You can enable notifications for every user response on a customer’s ticket to update them about the progress.


Enable/Disable Notifications

Click Save to finalize your changes.


 How to Create Tickets from the Customer Support Portal


Contacts can quickly create tickets after logging into the portal using the credentials.


To create a new ticket:


Step 1: Log in to the customer support portal and click New Ticket on the left panel.


Step 2: Enter the following information in the window that opens.


Create a new ticket


1. Subject: Mention the subject for your new support ticket.

2. Message: Describe the issue in the given box.

3. Add Attachment: Attach any file type to provide additional information about the issue.


Click Create to finish the creation process.


After the ticket is created successfully, the contact will see the following screen:


View a ticket


1. The initial query that the contact has created. It also has details of the agent who received the ticket.


2. Properties: It informs the contact about the ongoing status and priority of the ticket. Agents can modify these properties. It will help the contact understand the progress.

3. The box where the contact can send follow-ups or share further information as and when the agent asks.


 How to Check Tickets’ Progress


Currently, the customer support portal has two distinct ticket statuses on the left panel: Open & Closed.


Check Ticket Progress


The contact can access any ticket under a specific tab and check its progress in the details.


That is all about the customer support portal in the ProProfs Help Desk.



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