How to Customize Your Helpdesk


ProProfs HelpDesk lets you customize every element and improve your brand’s value. We call it Branding - a valuable aspect of delivering a delightful customer experience. A reputed brand works diligently in polishing the brand’s name and image. Building a brand helps in both customer acquisition and retention.


Help desk customization enables you to:

  1. Maintain a consistent brand image across platforms

  2. Distinguish one brand from the rest in case of multiple brands under one umbrella

  3. Express your brand identity through your brand logo & colors


Here’s a help desk entirely customized for a particular brand.


Example of a customized Helpdesk


In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Add a favicon

  2. Add a logo

  3. Add a linkback URL

  4. Add a tab title

1. Add a Favicon


Step 1: In your ProProfs Helpdesk account

  • Navigate to Settings ⚙

  • Select Branding, located at the bottom on the left panel


Customizing your Helpdesk


Here you can see every element related to branding.


Branding Section Overview


Step 2: Click 'Change' to upload a favicon. You can see the recommended size mentioned under the favicon block.


Changing Favicon


Step 3: Select the image you want to upload. Once you are done, the selected image file name will appear, as shown below.


Uploading Favicon


Step 4: Click 'Save' to finish uploading the image.


Saving Favicon file



2. Add a Logo


Step 1: To add your logo,

  • Click 'Change.'

Changing the Logo


Step 2: Choose the file to upload as your logo. The selected file name will appear as shown below.


Uploading Logo


Step 3: Click 'Save' to finish uploading the logo.


Saving Logo


Your logo will appear as shown in the below screenshot. Upload an image of the recommended size for best results.


Logo Preview


3. Add a Linkback URL


Step 1: Mention the link to a page in the box.


Linkback URL Box


Step 2: Click 'Save' to update the changes.


Saving Linkback URL


It will redirect users to the page when they click on the header logo.


Note: You can add a link to your website homepage or any other page.


4. Add a Tab Title


Step 1: Add a suitable title in the box.


Adding Tab Title in the box


Step 2: Click 'Save.' The tab title will appear as shown below.


Tab Title Preview





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