How to Access Different Types of Help Desk Reports


Reports consist of graphs and numerical data, offering a comprehensive view of your online Help Desk. They assist in optimizing customer support and improving efficiency. Utilizing different help desk reports allows you to gain valuable insights into your customer support performance and make informed decisions to enhance your overall service quality.


Benefits of a comprehensive reporting section:

  • Optimized customer support strategy: Accessing different help desk reports enables you to optimize your customer support strategy and enhance efficiency.
  • Data-driven insights: Reports display graphs and numerical data, providing an overview of your online Help Desk and offering valuable insights.
  • Performance assessment: By accessing these reports, you can assess critical metrics such as ticket volume, response rates, and customer ratings.


Types of Reports

1. Summary

2. Rating

3. Custom Field

4. Users

5. Child Ticket

6. Schedule Report


To access various report types, click Reports on your ProProfs Help Desk dashboard. The reporting section will open.


Summary Report


Summary reports provide access to essential data that helps answer basic questions such as ticket volume, response rates, and customer ratings.


To access summary reports, follow these steps:

1. Go to Reports on the Help Desk dashboard. The summary section opens by default.
2. The "Summary Report" provides a graphical representation titled "How are we performing?" You can scroll down and check other metrics such as first response time, ticket volume, and customer satisfaction score.
3. Customize your view by selecting a specific time period, inbox, or user.
4. Summary reports offer a simplified representation of the helpdesk data.


Summary Report Overview




Rating reports focus on specific questions related to support quality and customer satisfaction. To access rating reports, follow these steps:


1. Click Rating in the vertical menu.
2. The graphical representation displays data on support ratings over time.
3. Select the time format, inbox, or user, to view the data accordingly.


Rating Report in ProProfs Help Desk


4. Scroll down to view the visitors' ratings of our support team, average rating, and recently rated tickets.
5. Access individual-rated tickets by clicking the View icon.


Recently-rated Tickets


Custom Fields


Custom Fields reports allow you to analyze specific data fields that you have created within your Help Desk. These reports provide insights into how these custom fields are utilized and can help you track and measure specific metrics tailored to your organization's needs.


To access Custom Fields reports, follow these steps:

1. Click on Custom Fields in the vertical menu.
2. Explore the graphical representation of the numerical & decimal data. Below this section, you can find the tickets contributing to the above data.


Custom Fields


3. Scroll down further to view the graphical representation of the other data types which are not numerical or decimal, such as text, dropdown, or multi-line. Also, the associated ticket list is available below this graph.
4. Analyze the usage and effectiveness of these custom fields to inform your support strategy.




User Reports enable you to assess the performance of your support agents individually. These reports provide insights into metrics such as response times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction ratings, and workload distribution.


To access User Reports, follow these steps:
1. Click on Users in the vertical menu.

2. Get a summary at the top. View user reports associated with a particular inbox or user
3. Explore the graphical representation and numerical data depicting individual agent performance. Access the timesheet of a particular user and view the ticket resolution performance at a granular level.
4. Identify top-performing agents and areas where additional training or support may be required.


User Reports


Child Ticket


Child Ticket Reports allow you to analyze parent and child ticket relationships in your Help Desk system. These reports provide insights into ticket dependencies, tracking the progress and resolution of related tickets. 


To access Child Ticket Reports, follow these steps:


1. Click on Child Ticket in the vertical menu. 

2. Review the graphical representation and numerical data showcasing the relationships between parent and child tickets.

3. Analyze the ticket flow and identify any bottlenecks or areas requiring additional attention.


Child Ticket Reporting


Schedule Report


You can receive reports at regular intervals directly in your inbox by scheduling it. Learn more here.


Schedule Report


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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