How to Update a Ticket via API


The API allows you to update an existing ticket in Help Desk.


Endpoint URL


The endpoint URL given below is used to call the rest API. POST will be used as the request method. JSON will be your request format.



Note: Endpoint URL is case-sensitive and with forward-slash ( / ) at the end.


Here is how the complete request will look like


Accept : application/json
Content-Type : application/json
	"account_email" : "",
	"token" : "*****7edf67d0a*****aca630b0*****",
	"ticket_id" : 1001,
	"staff" : "ST007-009",
	"priority" : "high"


The Update request depends on one required parameter, a ticket ID to identify the exact ticket that you want to update. All properties are optional and you should use only those that are applicable to update.  


Request Parameters for the user information


Parameter Required Type Description
token Yes String Unique ProProfs API key. It is usually available on your 'My Account' page of the Help Desk.
account_email Yes String The ProProfs account email that you have used to register the Help Desk account.
ticket_id Yes Number The unique Ticket ID that you want to update.
email No String The email address of the requester.
name No String Name of the requester.
phone No String Phone number of the requester.
subject No String The subject of the ticket.
description No String Content of the ticket in plain text.
staff No String The ID of the staff to whom the ticket has been assigned. The ID is associated with every staff in the list.
priority No String A priority of the ticket. Possible values: "high", "normal", "low". 
inbox No String The ID of the inbox the ticket is in. The ID is associated with every inbox available in the account.
custom_fields No String Custom fields for the ticket. It's an array of objects consisting of id and value properties.


 Response Format



Example Response [Success]


Accept : application/json
Content-Type : application/json

   "status" : "success",
   "ticket_id" : "00700"



Response Field Description
status Success message when the ticket is created successfully.
ticket_id The ID of the updated ticket.


Example Response [Failed]


Accept : application/json
Content-Type : application/json
     "status" : "error",
     "description" : "Unable to authenticate request using account email and token"


Response Field Description
status Error when the operation has failed.
description The error text to describe the error.





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